Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Jetikins Blog

Jetikins Blog
Hello, it is me, Jetikins, and mama says it is my turn to do the blog this week, anyway Rappy is too pooped to do anything right now, he has been really busy lately, he has brought in a rat practically every night for the past week, and several mousies too.  Mama says he is probably creating havoc among the local rat families and she is very proud of him.  He leaves them for mama and papa to look at, then they get rid of them.  I can catch ratties and mousies too but I prefer to stay home and keep warm at nights, so I watch over mama and papa while they sleep.  I like to lounge on their bed during the day too, or keep mama company in the computer room.  It has been cold and damp all week and mama has had to light the fire to warm the house up.

Rappy sleeps most of the day so I am lonely without him to play with and Calli won't play with me, I try to make friends with her and roll on my back in front of her and try to look cute so she knows I don't want to hurt her, but she just hisses and spits and says naughty words, then she runs away from me.  It makes me sad, I just want to be friends.  Mama says she is very shy, and she doesn't much like having that clickety thing pointed at her either so mama has trouble trying to get pictures of her. 

Well I will keep on trying to make friends with Calli, I would love to cuddle her and wash her fur for her like I do with Rappy.  He likes it when I wash him.
Mama is knitting papa a pair of a pair of red Santa socks, so I need to go and help her with the wool, sometimes when I am sitting on her lap she tickles me with the knitting needles.


Cindy said...

Jetikins, you are soooo beautiful! Wow, Rappy has sure been busy catching rats and mice! Great hunter! I hope Callie lets you be friends with her soon.
Buster, Rudy, and Sam

meowmeowmans said...

Jetkins, you sure are beautiful, and you sound like you are really sweet, too. We bet that Callie will be won over by your niceness one of these days. :)

We are impressed by Rappy's hunting prowess!

Photo Cache said...

we stay indoors but mostly spend our daytime in mama and papa's bed making sure it's all warm and comfy when they come home from work.

emma and buster

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Jetkins you are such a sweet boy. I think Calli will be friends with you one day.
Sounds like you have fun helping mama knit.
What a hunter Rappy is. He certainly is cutting down on the rat population isn't he!

A Touch of Grace said...

What a cutie Jetkins is...love your name too..

Kjelle Bus said...

Hi Jetkins !
My mom would like to rub your fluffy tummy :)
Me too mostly lay in my mom and dad´s bed , I just catch mousies if they get inside our house ;-)
Hope you manege to convince Calli that you are a very nice boy !!

AL said...

MOL Jetkins, you sure looks gorgeous in your pictures...can I rub that tummy?

Au and Target said...

Jettkins you sound like a lovely lap cat and we admire Rappy's catitude when it comes to rats!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

WOW! Knitting socks for Santa? Awesome! xx

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