Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cats on Tuesday - Jet

Jet came to us just over four years ago, he turned up on the wall dividing our yard from our next door neighbours late one evening.  I heard him crying and went out to see who it was.  He looked so miserable, he was so thin his ribs were showing quite plainly.  I spoke to him softly and he didn't run away although he looked a little uncertain.  I took him some munchies and he fairly gobbled them up, he was obviously extremely hungry, so then I gave him a saucer full of canned cat food and a saucer of milk, and that all disappeared too.

Over the next few weeks both Barbara, my neighbour, and I fed him every day. Barbara's two female cats were not impressed with this black cat who they apparently felt was trying to usurp their authority, and they would not let him into their house, although Barbara was willing to take him in.

Jet and Rappy seemed to know each other already and we are pretty certain Rappy persuaded Jet that he would find a home here, so eventually he moved in.  He and Rappy get along really well, they are best buddies and almost inseparable.

We don't know where Jet came from, but we guessed he was about the same age as Rappy at the time he arrived, around four years old, and we think he may have lost his pet person, because he is such a soft natured, friendly cat.  I can't imagine that anyone would just abandon him, he is such a loving cat.

Jet and Rappy are nearly eight years old now, still best buddies, still wrestling and playing together every day, and Jet just loves to wash Rappy, which Rappy enjoys immensely.  Jet is no longer thin, he is a big, muscular panther of a cat, with a beautiful sleek glossy black coat, he is so big we had to buy a larger door flap, for large cats and small dogs!  He also is addicted to Dreamies cat treats, and as well as pointing he also adopts the 'broken paw' routine when he wants some. 

He loves to lie and sleep on his back, and sometimes crawls under the duvet and cuddles my legs!  In this
photo I was about to take a photo
of the socks I had just finished
knitting, but he decided my legs
made a good cat basket!

Jettikins, my big panther puss is here to stay.  He often comes to the garden gate to meet us when he hears our car coming up the road.  Neither he and Rappy like it when we go out, they are quite possessive with both of us.


Kjelle Bus said...

Hi there Jet and Rappy !
Me and mom loved to read the story about how Jet moved in !

Thank`s for your comment on my tuesday post :)

Photo Cache said...

So wonderful that you and Rappy found Jet and vice versa. A match made in heaven.

Emma and Buster

Gattina said...

What a nice story with a happy end ! Females are not easy to convince to take in another cat ! Rosie and Pookie are still "ennemies" after 4 years ! While Arthur is cool with everybody. It's so nice that Rappy accepted Jet so easily !

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We love that you shared your heart and home with Jet and Rappy.
We're adding you to our RSS feeds so we can visit you more often!

Love Milo and Alfie xx

Deb said...

cute duo...

jabblog said...

Beautiful cats, both of them. How lucky that Jet found you.

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