Monday, 26 September 2011

Cats on Tuesday - Rappy, Timmy and Jet

Rappy, Timmy and Jet

Timmy - May 21st. 1994 to 4th. Nov 2010 
When Rappy first came to live with us, his given name was Noah, but he had such a rambunctious nature we changed it to Rappy, short for Rapscallion.  He had to leave the home of my friend Margaret because he terrorised her Calico cat Haddie.  We wondered how our Callie would react to him, as she is Haddie's older sibling.  As soon as Rappy saw her, he wanted to play and immediately jumped on her, so there was some spitting and hissing, but Rappy soon turned his attention to Timmy, our ginger and white cat.  Timmy wasn't too thrilled about that, being a much older cat, but eventually things settled down and both Callie and Timmy tolerated Rappy's rambunctious antics.  When Jet joined the family he and Rappy became firm friends, and that took the pressure off both Timmy and Calli.

That Pesky Little Brat
(Timmy’s Lament)

Noah, that pesky little brat
is always jumping on my back,
from behind the door he leaps at me
is there no place I can be free?
He follows me from place to place
forever, always, in my face.
I think I’ve found a place to hide
then he appears at my side.
He instigates a boxing bout,
one day I’ll give him such a clout.
He bites my neck and nips my tail
and if I don’t play he starts to wail.
They say he is a real cute cat
To me he’s that pesky little brat!

Jackie S Brooks ©
1st. March 2005

Yoo hoo

I'm killing this BIG mouse that Mama made for us 

I think it is dead already...! 
 It might just come back to life....!

One of Jet's favourite places to relax and observe the world.


jabblog said...

Aww! Cats can learn to get along together if introduced carefully.
I hope so, anyway, as we may be taking on my daughter's beautiful little Abyssinian while she goes to work in Bombay. Our Ocicat is at least three times her size and didn't noticeably grieve when his companion died, very young.

Gattina said...

Sometimes it is not easy or impossible to integrate another cat in the group. I had a ginger cat who moved in with us just like that, but he didn't tolerate other cats and I had to give him to a friend where he was the only "child" and was then a sweethaert ! Pookie and Rosie are dearest ennemies and hiss at each other when their ways cross. It's like a form of politeness, lol ! With the others there is no problem, fortunately ! We had two cats, but then inherited Pookie and Kim from my son when he moved from London where he had a house into an appartment in Amsterdam. And Kim just couldn't get used to an inside life.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We love the pics today ~ and especially the BIG fat mouse!

meowmeowmans said...

We are so glad things worked out for Rappy, and that he has a loving forever home with you. :) We're with Milo and Alfie ... we love that big old mouse your mom made for you!

Au and Target said...

Fun post and we love the poem! Guido is new to our family and Target isn't sure if he loves being pounced on or not. Time will tell!

Photo Cache said...

we enjoyed your story. and it's nice meeting you.

emma and buster

Kjelle Bus said...

Me and mom just loved that poem/rhyme !
I just say WOW you sure have a BIGGER Rat than me !!!

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