Friday, 2 September 2011

My Chuchee Face!

Rappy, short for Rapscallion, which means rascal, rogue and scamp.  He is all of those things, a lovable, mischievous, loving companion.  He has other names too, like mommy's boy, peekyboo boy, and chuchee face.  Rappy loves to snuggle up on my lap, and cuddle up with me in bed, when I am sick he never leaves my side.  He talks to me and I think he thinks I understand every single word he meows, I know he understands everything we say. 
Just last night I heard him call and expected him to come charging upstairs, I was in the computer room, but he didn't, even though I had answered him.  He called again so I went to the top of the stairs and looked down; he was sitting at the foot and just called again.  So down I went, usually when he does something like that it is because he has brought me a present, or wants me to go down the garden to play.  But this time he led me into the kitchen, sat down and pointedly looked up at the counter where the box of Dreamies sit.  So he got his 'fix.' 

Rappy is a very playful puss,
even though he is nearly eight years old, he is still a
kitten at heart.  He loves to play with us, and wrestle with his best buddy Jet, they are almost inseparable
 now since Jet came to live with us four years ago.  Rappy was born on a farm and was given to my friend Margaret by her brother.  Unfortunately Margaret's calico cat Hadassa didn't take to Noah, as Margaret had called him, he was too rambunctious for Haddie, she is of a rather nervous disposition, so Noah Rappy came to live with us, and Haddie's older sibling Calli soon got used to him, they often rub noses together now.

Rappy (and Jet) are always fascinated and frustrated with the antics of the Housemartins and Swallows that live in nests beneath the eaves.  Rappy loves to stretch up and 'talk' to them through the window as they fly back and forth, and I'm sure the birds love to torment him and Jet.  They have a favourite toy, a mouse made of red print fabric with a yellow feather tail, they have 'killed' three of them so far, of all the toys they have, I have never seen them drool over one as much as they have over this red mouse.  I badly need to find another one just like it in time for Christmas.

Next time, Jet's story.


Luna und Luzie said...

Rappy seems to be a very handsome boy!
Hope he hides not one day through the window there!

Gattina said...

He seems to be the perfect partner for you ! My from my 4 cats Rosie and Pookie are real chatterboxes and good listeners too ! I never talk to the wall when I am alone, I always have four legged public to listen to my complaints, lol !

Patsy said...

Hi Jackie,
This is Patsy from Mitford. I just found your blog and I love it! I will check in often.

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

I love your kitty blog !!! Thanks for your kind comments on mine. Have a great week, I look forward to keeping up with you and yours. xoxo from The Prairie.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We love your furry boys ~ and are proud of them asking for treats! Whooooot!

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