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SammyJo and Calli - Matriarchs

SammyJo and Calli - Matriarchs

SammyJo was our first Matriarch, one day in June 1987 I had just come out of hospital after having surgery and was laying on the sofa feeling very groggy, when my husband announced he was going out for a bike ride...!  When he got back an hour or so later, he looked like a sack tied in the middle, the belt of his jacket pulled really tight.  Then he put his hand inside his jacket and pulled out a tiny bundle of fur...SammyJo, she was just six weeks old, a tiny tortoiseshell kitten with huge worried eyes. 

We still had Caruso then, and he just loved her to bits and would cuddle her, she would protest with tiny high pitched squeals and try to run away and hide under the Welsh Dresser.  After we lost Caruso, we had other cats join our family and SammyJo was always 'The Boss.'  She was a beautiful cat with a lovely nature, and we often called her 'velvet paws.'  She  finally died on July 23rd 2010 at the grand old age of 23 years, 2 months and 9 days.

SammyJo with kitten Tabitha

When Calli came to live with us she was also a tiny frightened little kitten, she was born out in the fields to feral parents.  Calli is a beautiful long-haired Calico, now aged 12 years.  She has inherited the title of Matriarch from SammyJo.  SammyJo was quite a bossy cat, but Calli is rather shy and timid, especially around strangers.

Calli's first admirer was Tosh, seen here sitting under her chair when she was just 3 months old, but Calli never returned his affection, she seems to be a little afraid of black cats.  Tosh died last year, and Jet, also a big black cat, who moved in with us about four years ago, also admires her, but she spurns his attempts to make friends, she is not quite so unfriendly with him as she used to be though.

Calli’s Friend!

Last night Calli woke me
with her soft chortles and chirps,
With a friend on the landing
she canoodles and flirts,
Whispering sweet nothings
in some poor mousie’s ear,
She only wants a playmate
but he trembles with fear.
Be brave little mousie
make a dash across the floor,
You can hide in our bedroom
behind the closet door,
Then in the morning
while Calli’s fast asleep,
I’ll set you free again
just be sure not to squeak!

Jackie S Brooks (c) 
21st August 2004

(SammyJo's Lament)

She’s as mad as a Hatter
Her eye’s spittin’ fire
As she stands here
Just screaming at me.

“I want to go OUT!
I want to go PLAY
In the garden
NOT tomorrow, TODAY!

You just sit here all day
On that wretched machine
I’m neglected, forgotten
Do you HEAR what I say.

I want YOU to come too
Give ME some of your TIME!
Pay attention to ME,
FORGET about rhyme.
I want to go play,
It’s a nice sunny day
And if you don’t come too
I WILL phone the RSPCA!

I’ll tell them you neglect me
How you treat me so mean,
That you love your computer
Much more than you love ME!

If you don’t come out NOW
I might run AWAY,
And you won’t see me
Till the END of today!

Come play in the grass,
I’ll roly-poly for YOU!
Just for YOUR enjoyment
(and mine too!!)

You can make me a necklace
Of a pretty daisy chain,
And I promise to wear it
Until I lose it AGAIN!!”

Jackie S Brooks (c)
4 August 2003


Gattina said...

23 years of commun life ! that's quiet something ! My first cat Piccola was 20, Max and Lisa made it to 19 - 20. It's hard to say good bye then. I like your cat stories, and I see you do the same with mousies, lol ! we had once a mouse who lived for 3 days under the cupboard in the living room. Mr. G. tried to get her out with cheese, she ate the cheese and went back to her self choosen flat. I then left the window door a little open and it disappeared during the night.

Cezar and Léia said...

This is a beautiful store and I'm enchanted by the pictures!

The Chair Speaks said...

Wow! Over 23! We bow to SammyJo. She was certainly very well cared for and very loved to have lived so long.

Kjelle Bus said...

OMC ! Over 23 years old , thats really old !!!
Me and mom just loved the poems !!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Wow! what a wonderful ripe old age she lived to be. I had a wonderful cat, his name was Mr. Sunshine. He lived to be 21 years and three months. I still get teary eyed when I look at his pictures.

I love your blog and enjoyed reading the stories of your cats. I loved the poems too.
All of your cats, past and present are very beautiful.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life said...

it looks like these cats have a wonderful life :)

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We enjoy reading about your beautiful cats. We know you must miss those who have gone to the Bridge. Purrs.

We've tried several times to post this comment ~ there seems to be a problem today.

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